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Skate Buying DOs & DONTs


Before heading to the rink for your first day of skating, be sure that your skater is fully prepared with the proper equipment. When purchasing a pair of skates, be sure they are single bladed, made of leather/kevlar/carbon fibre, and are tied up with laces. 

Please avoid moulded skates as they tend to lead to more injuries due to their inflexible construction. 

Avoid purchasing skates with lights or your skaters' favourite characters, these skates are often not made with the proper materials and lead to balance and support issues.

Where to buy...


When heading out to buy skates, we recommend heading out to the Figure Skating Boutique or Esta Canada. There they will ensure that your skater is properly sized in their boots as well with their helmets.

Helmet Buying DOs & DONTs


When it comes to purchasing a helmet, be sure that you are only looking at CSA approved helmets. We highly recommend the use of cages for younger skaters, but they are not mandatory. 

Ski, snowboard, bike, and other helmet types will lead to skaters not being allowed onto the ice surface.

Those helmets are not created with the same requirements that CSA helmets are and therefore do not provide the most safety for your new skater. 



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